Nut & Wine Pairing

Nut & Wine Pairings


Nuts are an easy item to add to any culinary occasion. They are great as an appetizer before dinner, perfect on a charcuterie board, as well as a fresh topping on a cold summer salad. Ramp up your host game by pairing your wine with our almonds or cashews. Use our wine pairing guide below.


Lightly Salted Cashews


Our Lightly Salted cashews have a creamy texture that melts in your mouth. These cashews pair wonderfully with a Chardonnay of your choice. The often creamy mouthfeel you get from a Chardonnay works wonders with the fatty context of a cashew.


Lime & Saffron Cashews


Enjoy the citrus and saffron hint on these creamy cashews. Naturally a fan favourite, these cashews pair perfectly with your favourite bubbles. If you are serving some celebratory bubbles, try putting out a bowl of Lime and Saffron Cashews for your guests to enjoy.


Spicy Cashews


Our cashews have some natural heat to them. They are not your sweet bbq spice flavour.  Try pairing our spicy cashews with your favourite Pinot or even a fun Rosé. This is the perfect combination for backyard hangs with a bowl of spicy cashews and refreshing Rosé.

Lightly Salted Almonds


Our Lightly Salted Almonds are a no-brainer. They are pure and simple, fresh and full of texture. The slight bitterness of the skin works well with a glass of sparkling wine—the perfect accompaniment to Happy Hour cocktails.


Lime and Saffron Almonds


These almonds are more citrus-forward with a slight touch of saffron. They work wonderfully with an off-dry wine of your choice. Try pairing these almonds with your favourite Riesling. 


Spicy Almonds


These almonds are bulletproof. The bitterness of the almonds makes the spice more complex, pairing well with a wine full of tannins. Partner spicy almonds with a glass of juicy Pinot Noir.