Invest In Your Food

I am a huge advocate for investing in your food choices. Not just monetarily but investing the time to cook, sit and eat. Many people choose to prioritize their clothes, car, or home before they think about investing in their food. Typically, food is an afterthought. It’s a category that we try to save money, not something we look to spend more money on.


I dream to change this mentality. I believe investing in high quality food choices should be a priority in everyone’s life. It’s a matter of choosing to make it a priority. High quality doesn’t have to mean expensive, it could mean eating something hand grown in your own backyard. There’s nothing more high quality or purer than that.


Investing in your food means investing in your health. What we put into our bodies affects our physical and mental health. By choosing the right foods we treat our body to a better experience. Choose to put you and your health first. Consuming the right foods will help to propel you in a better direction.


Take time with your food. Allow the shopping and preparation process to be an enjoyable one. There’s nothing more powerful than knowing where you purchased everything on your plate and how it was prepared. Try to carve out a dedicated space and time to eat. Light a candle, set the table, and appreciate your food. Allowing yourself to be in a more calm, and relaxed state will aid better digestion. I believe in having a sacred experience with our food versus it being a rushed afterthought.


Food is a magical experience and part of our day. Whether it’s taking a moment for yourself during your busy day to enjoy your meal, or choosing to share that experience with others I believe it should be a priority. By being more aware of our food choices, we can create a shift in our daily routine that will ultimately shift our lives.